We lean forward and take appropritate risk to leverage emerging technologies, partners, and the best technical talent to solve problems


Thoroughness ,respectability and expertise are highly prioritised in the delivery of services for efficiency.


We love what we do above all. We demonstrate deep passion for the success of out employees and customers

What We Do

Were you wondering who we are? Let us tell you

We are a team of passionate engineers which aim at providing essential services in harnessing the power of computing and digital technologies. We love making a world a better place that’s why we look beyond the present to deliver a sustainable future.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to cater for your technological needs

Electronic Systems

We do schematics ,design, manufacturing and installation of PCB boards and other electronic systems.

Computer Solutions

We manufacture and sell, computers and educational kits for use institutes and technovation projects.


We offer automated systems that include automated gates, home assistants ,smart gaderning and incubators

Software Development

We design and develop websites, mobile and desktop applications for any kind of business, personal and commercial.

Electrical Solutions

We supply various electrical equipment and gadgets for use anywhere and also offer installation and servicing


Security solutions for homes ,businesses ,computer systems and networks to ensure data privacy and integrity.

Our Courses

We have the best courses to get you started in the tech industry

Learn to use 2021st century technologies to design and construct machines for the next generation of automated industries.

Learn about how to design ,make or use different electrical components to come up with the best prototype project.

Get to learn the latest technology in the world of programming and software engineering to get yourself ready for the job market.

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